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Wanting more M'sians to learn code, he created a free app that's like Duolingo for coding.

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Ready to level up your career or switch to tech but worried about learning to code? Codeo is your smarter, accessible solution to learn coding!

Short on time, Big on learning!

Learn to code on the fly with just 5 minutes a day to become a coding prodigy – all from the palm of your hands


Learn through interactive bite-sized exercises, real code projects, and get instant feedback.

Learning streaks

Set daily goals, maintain a learning streak, and build good coding habits with us!


Get the certificates to show others that you are one step closer to being a developer!

Code Playground

Turn Ideas into Reality! Our playgrounds give you the freedom to explore endless concepts.


Enjoy coding, challenge peers, and progress through lessons, challenges, and projects.

Hands-on projects

Dive into real-world coding projects with our variety of clone projects.

AI Elaborate

Get real time elaboration on confusing tech terms! Learn to code conveniently!

AI Translate

Don't speak english and afraid you can't understand? Fear not because you can translate to your own native language! Including English, Chinese & Malay!

AI Persona

Stuck and find the lessons hard? Try getting concepts explained to you in analogies of your real life heroes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, Elon Musk and more!

Unlock the languages needed to thrive in the future!

Hop on our specially curated beginner-friendly roadmaps to explore a comprehensive developer skill set

Career Path

Front-end development

Learn essential languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to craft seamless user experiences. Dive into accessibility and cutting-edge frameworks to create modern, visually stunning web applications.

Career Path

Back-end development

Explore server-side technologies, databases, and APIs to bring dynamic functionality to life. Master programming languages like SQL or Node.js, and build scalable, secure, and efficient systems.

Career Path

Full stack development

Acquire the skills to build end-to-end web applications, from designing captivating user interfaces to creating robust server-side logic and unleash your limitless potential in the digital realm.


Python Development

Dive into loops, functions, and modules, organizing code for reusability. Elevate your skills with Python! A highly versatile and powerful language!



Get comfortable with the foundations of web development! Explore the structures of websites and learn how to build them yourself!



An essential skill in data analysis! Start learning and master SQL to manipulate databases!



Explore one of the most popular languages. Learn how to make websites interactive and more!

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Please use the same email as you would in the Codeo app

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Welcome to the story behind Codeo

Discover the driving force behind our company's mission and the values that continue to guide us forward. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by the story of our remarkable founder.

Hey thereβ€”

I'm Deric Yee, the mind behind Codeo.ai. My journey into the tech world is one I embarked on out of pure necessity and a bit of stubborn hope. The decision to leave my steady job and dive headfirst into the world of coding wasn't easy. I was driven by the dream that with coding, I could build anything I imagined, just with my laptop and determination.

The reality of learning to code was harsher than I expected. The journey was riddled with frustration and countless moments of defeat. Each time I thought I was making progress, I found myself facing yet another obstacle. The tools and resources available were either too complex or too disconnected from practical application. It was like trying to build a house with nothing but a hammer and no nails; the essential pieces just didn't fit together.

During my daily 2-hour commutes in the train, I found solace and progress in language learning apps. These sessions on the train, crammed between strangers, were my haven. They were simple, engaging, and fit seamlessly into my life. This sparked an idea: Why couldn't learning to code be this accessible and engaging? Why did it have to be a struggle rather than an adventure?

Drawing from my own trials and the realization that if I was struggling, others were too, Codeo.ai was born. It was designed to be the bridge for anyone who felt lost in the vast ocean of coding knowledge. By making learning to code as easy and accessible as flipping open an app on your commute, we could transform the daunting task of coding education into an exciting journey of discovery.

But more than just creating another app, I wanted Codeo.ai to stand for something bigger. It's not just about making coding easier; it's about making it accessible to everyone, especially to those in underserved communities. This is why Codeo.ai is free to start. Everyone should have the chance to unlock the doors that coding can open, without the barrier of cost standing in their way. For those who find their passion and decide to delve deeper, we've made sure there are paths for them to advance further.

Since launching, the response has been incredible. It turns out that my struggles weren't unique, and the solution we offered was something people had been searching for. Codeo.ai has begun to pave the way for a new era of coders, breaking down the barriers to entry and democratizing the learning process.

Reflecting on this journey, from those frustrating early days of teaching myself to code, to now leading a platform that helps others like me, has been humbling. Codeo.ai is more than just a project; it's a testament to what can be achieved with perseverance, a clear vision, and a desire to make a difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for considering Codeo.ai as your companion on your coding journey. If you have any questions or need guidance, don't hesitate to reach out at admin@codeo.ai. Let's embark on this coding adventure together, transforming challenges into opportunities, one line of code at a time.

Deric Yee

Co-founder & CEO

Code smarter, learn easier with Codeo! All it takes is 5 minutes a day.

We're on a mission to empower a new generation of builders, makers, and creators. With the power of code, we aim to increase innovation globally, starting by having a coder in every household.